FÖRENINGEN Fanatic Fusion

  • Fanatic Fusion is a non-profit organization that is called Fanatic Fusion Vi Unga.
  • Vi Unga is it's own non-profit organisation at Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan that helps young people to start activities for other teens in Sweden.
  • Fanatic Fusion consists of two dance groups that represent the dance school & participates in a number of events, dance shows & competitions.
  • We have intense trainings with focus on technique, strength & choreography with the goal to develop a knit-tight group & expand every individual to a wide dancer with good technical capability.
  • Guest teachers appear.
  • The groups collaborates in many shows & competitions yearly and is the face of Style Dance Studio.
  • An annual meeting is held in the beginning of every year and is mandatory for our members. Parents are welcome for individuals under 18. Our last meating was 24/2 2019.


Provträna med oss!

  • Tisdag 11 februari 19:30-21:00 ShowJazz
  • Onsdag 12 februari 18:00-19:30 Jazz

För att provträna skickar du e-post med dina person/kontakt-uppgifter till: sandra.olsson@sv.se Hoppas vi ses!

  • Tisdagar 19:30-21:00 Philippe Jacques
  • Wednesday 18:00-19:30 Isabelle Hultqvist
  • Spring semester: Start 11+12 februari 2020
  • Break: Holidays and red days
  • Price: 1 990 kr/person (12v, 46 studietimmar)
  • Bankgiro: 231-2429
  • Payment reference: Fanatic + Name Surnamne (Dancer)
  • INFO: Rek. ålder 13-25 år. Vi dansar showdans & jazz. Vi dansar barfota (eller med cat paws/halvskor) på tisdagar och i jazz-sneakers (Tutto Nero) på onsdagar.


Provträna med oss!

  • Torsdag 13 februari 19:45-21:15
  • För att provträna skickar du mail med dina person/kontakt-uppgifter till: sandra.olsson@sv.se Hoppas vi ses!
  • Thursdays 19:45-21:15 Wendy Huynh
  • Söndagar 15:30-17:00 Wendy Huynh
  • Spring semester: Start 13+16 februari 2020
  • Break: Holidays and red days
  • Price: 1 690 kr/person (12v, 24 studietimmar)
  • Bankgiro: 231-2429
  • Payment reference: Fanatic + Name Surnamne (Dancer)


  • EXTRA TRÄNING inför Danskarusellen 2020
  • 18:00-19:30 Torsdagar 9,16,23,30 januari, 6 februari
  • 15:30-17:00 Söndag 12,19,26 januari, 2,9 februari
  • INFO: Recomended age 13-25 years. We dance newschool/oldschool/commercial/streetjazz/K-pop. We require that you dance in hiphop-clothes as well as white sneakers (not tights/leotards)


    • AUDITION Vid lediga platser i ett crew så erbjuds provträning för nya dansare under 1:a veckan av varje termin. Du dansar med de andra medlemmarna och vi kollar så att alla är på en jämn nivå samt att dynamiken i gruppen är hållbar.
    • ABSENCE Frequent absence/not participating on trainings/shows/competitions can lead to elimination from FF via warning/call. Approved absence is injuries or medical certificate (you watch if possible)
    • REQUIREMENTS You have dances 2-3 semesters. You take at least one regular dance class on Style. You ought to regularly go to our workshops to get inspiration from new teachers/styles to be able to develop even more.
    • MEMBERSHIP As a dancer in FF you become a member in our organization Fanatic Fusion Vi Unga. You don't need to submit again every semester in FF. If you want to leave you're bound to dance til the end of the semester and ought to notify Sandra as soon as possible. Your membership requires that you don't train with another dance crew/ dance goup with focus on show/competitions on Style Dance Studio or another danceschool.
    • DISCOUNT As dancer in FF you acquire a 20% discount on Styles other classes. Discount-code: Fanatic Fusion.
    • TUITION FEE There will be no invoice to our members. Should be payed by the start of the semester. Don't pay = no participation on the lessons.
    • In case of non-payment a fee of 50 kr will be charged and you will be notified via text message.
    • SHOW/COMPETITIONS You ought to go to all shows /competitions/musicvideos that are booked in the semesters.
    • THE BIG SUMMER-SHOW Is arranged of FF & the organization Flash & Style Vi Unga. we don't get any contribution/sponsors for the work before/during/after the show. This is FF/the organization's opportunity to make their own finances for ex. buy clothes, props and services. Clothes/props sometimes gets lended out to Style Dance Studio's other students. We have bought a videocamera, sewing machine and sevices like ex. guest teachers/photographers/videon editor.
    • EMPLOYER Borgeby Slott, Drottning Blanka Gymnasieskola, EOS, Eurovision Village 2013, Felizia K, High Five Malmö, Idrottshallen Lund, Individuell Människohjälp, Klostergårdensskolan, Krögaretältet, Kulturnatten Lund, Kävlinge Zoo, Linero IF, Lundakarnevalen tidningsdagen, Länsstyrelsen, Malmöfestivalen, Party in Pink®, Saluhallen Lund, Staffanstorps Julkalender, SV Lundabygden, Tetra Pak.
    • AWARDS 1:a pris i Danskategorin, Ung Arena Talang 2017, 1:a pris ”Publikens pris”, Skapa Dans 2017 Skåne, Danskarusellen, Malmö 2016 (Dance Fusion & Sneakers), Danskarusellen, Malmö 2014, 2:a plats i Stjärnjakten.

    • Name: Flash & Style Vi Unga
    • Organization no: 802508-1947
    • Administration: Sandra Olsson (authorised signatory, chairperson, cashier), Birthe Herold (controller), Moa Nittmar (secretary), Elise Ahlgren Olsson (adjustor)


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