Start /Open House:

  • Semester starts (with open house)september 2-8 (week 36)
  • BREAK:september 9-15 (week 37)
  • BREAK:october 28-november 3 (week 44)
  • BREAK: Some classes have other breaks. See all our breaks HERE!
  • Want to try a class for free during our open house week? Register for the class you want to try out! Make a CANCELATION at the reception after class if you don´t wish to continue. See our cancelation policy here!

    • Want to dance more than one class? Contact us!
    • Register for Pyttedans? We need registration from both child and parent(s) , since you will be dancing with your child.
    • Your registration is binding until a cancelation is made. Cancellation rules/info












    • Porfyrvägen 5, Lund
    • City bus 5 towards Gastelyckan, stop Skiffervägen
    • Line bus stops at Gastelyckan Östra (5 min walk)
    • Line bus stops at Jupitergatan (10 min walk)
    • Free parking

    • Do I need to register every semester? Yes
    • Can I dance even though you are old? Yes
    • Can I dance even though you are a beginner? Yes
    • Can I dance with a disability? Yes, but we recommend assistant/companion so that teachers can teach the group as a whole.
    • I want to watch vecka 1 av 12 har vi öppna dörrar för åskådare. Resten av terminen är dörrarna stängda (oavsett om man missat att titta 1:a veckan).
    • Report sickness via text 070-934 83 04 no later than 15:00 the same day. State the dancer's name & dance course.
    • I missed a lesson No refund and we can unfortunately not accept students to classes other than the class you are registered to.
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