• I WANT TO CANCEL Send an e-mail to & wait for an validation (or cancel in the reception after your first class) The last date for a free cancelation is the date your class starts. There after you have accepted to abstain your regret-right & is reqired to pay the fee. A bill is then sent to you by e-mail and you're bound to pay (binding entry)
  • I WANT TO CHANGE DANCE CLASS/LEVEL You can change class/level in the reception after the first class of the semester or contact us as latest the day after the 1st class. Your teacher can't do this for you.
  • I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND BEFORE THE START OF THE SEMESTER You have the right to take back your booking my the rules for regretrights by contacting us 14 days after we have confirmed your booking.
  • BY SICKNESS STRENGTHEND BY DOCTOR'S CERTIFICATE You can get your money back for the rest of the semester (not for study material)
  • I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO PAY Reminder Invoice with charge will be sent to you. By defaulted payment of Reminder Invoice, the subject is sent further to Inkasso.
  • I MISSED A CLASS You still have paid for the semester, even if you miss a class or two, and we can not let you take another similar class.


  • NON-ATTENDENCE IS NOT A CANCELATION An administrational fee will be charged but you can also be responsible to pay the whole course fee
  • I REGRET MY REGISTRATION You have the right to take back your booking my the rules for regretrights by contacting us 14 days after we have confirmed your booking.
  • I WANT TO CANCEL At least 7 days before start, no charging
  • I WANT TO CANCEL  1-7 days before start 50% of the fee
  • I WANT TO CANCEL The same day as the class starts, 100% of the fee
  • I WANT TO CANCEL When the cours already started, 100% of the fee


  • Will be sent by e-mail from SV Lundabygden, you can get invoices at different moments.
  • Start: 10-16 february (week 7)
  • Break:17-23 february (week 8)
  • Break: 6-12 april (week 15)
  • Cancelled course dates = We can offer a substitute. Other wise we continue until the course has had it's 12 weeks. Ask your dance teacher if you are unsure of when your last lesson is.
  • We have open doors on the first/last week of every semester, welcome to look at the class (except during fall termination shows)


  • For us on Vuxenskolan it has always been important that your pesonal information is handeld in a safe way. The protection for your has there for personal integrity has there for been secured by the GDPR-law
  • We have an udated privacy policy that among other describes how and why handel your information.
  • We don't have a normal entryform as we can't garantie that is made by a person that follows GDPR.


  • ZERO-TOLERANCE against outdoor-shoes inside! Gäller även tvättade skor som använts utomhus tidigare. Vi har professionella dansare på studion, en minimal sten skapar skador både hos dansare och i golvet.
  • The studio opens 15 minutes before the first class every day, and closes 15 minutes after the last course every day.
  • Open doors for spectators week 1 of 12. the rest of the semester the doors are closed (even if you as a parent missed the first time)
  • All particepants are accident insuranced to/from as well as during the course/studycirkle.
  • Notification of illness sends by sms to Sandra on 070-934 83 04 latest 15:00 the same day. Give your name & the dance class name/time
  • Notify your teacher (before the lesson), if you need to go earlier.
  • Do I need to register every semester? Yes
  • Can I dance even though you are old? Yes
  • Can I dance even though you are a beginner? Yes
  • Can I dance with a disability? Yes, but we recomend an assistant/escort so that the teacher can teach the group in unity.
  • Come well prepared & in good time with the right clothes and shoes for your style, the right attetude, ambition and energy!
  • No food/drinks in the dance studios, just waterbottles. Children 2-8 doesn't need water bottles during class.
  • We treat everyone with respect, and the most important thing for us is that everyone is welcome and to keep the dance-happiness! We expect that our teachers gets treated the same way. All students are challenged to compete against themselfs, not each other.
  • No students can leave the dance studio without the teachers permission because the teacher has responsible for all the students on lesson time. The teacher can cancel a student if the student is disturbing så it effects the other i the class, the parents gets contacted immediately by phone and needs to go get the child.
  • The teachers needs their break between classes so save your questions to us at the office, we can help you!
  • Don't talk with friends during class, it makes it hard for the teacher to communicate. Meet up with your friends before/after the lesson if you want to talk.
  • It is forbidden to hang on the ballet bars or rest against the mirrors. They can fall of the wall. The bars are for balance and support only, please be carefull with our mirrors.
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