Dance for dementia, Hiphop/Street, ShowJazz, Show Kids, Zumba® Gold. Is included in the Party-Team, Weddingdance, Bridal/bachelor party, artistic leader for Fanatic Fusion Dance Crew (2006-2019)

  • Grundare av Style Dance Studio
  • Tagit klasser av: Marty Kudelka, Yanis Marshall, Robert Hoffman, Edin Jusuframic, Mario Perez Amigo, Ausben Jordan, Bryce Johnson, David Johnson, Steve Boedt, Otto Blücker, Carola Gillheim, Spex Boogie, Xeo
  • Licensierad instruktör: Zumba® Basic 1, Zumba® Basic 1,  Zumba® Gold
  • Utbildning: Dans för Demens, Skånes Dansteater
  • Dansare/koreograf: Rebecka Karlsson, Felizia K, FAS 3, Cielle, Lazee, Nellie
  • Dansare: High Five Malmö, Heyou Awards, Eskilscupen, Festival Sommarslaget, Kul i Juli, Allsång i Parken, Dance Session, UEFA U21
  • Utmärkelse: 2:a pris i Stjärnjakten
  • Sång: Lunds Lucia, Kvällspostens Lucia, Joyvoice
  • Statist: 10.000 timmar, Wallander, Lost in Stångby, Cargobike of Sweden, AF Bostäder


Musikal (2017-2019)

  • Hard-working dance student on Style since many years back, in charge of most of the dancepartys
  • Athletic Trainer, campleader IFK Lund
  • Danceleader Scenhöst, Torna Hällestad
  • Sings regularly at a singing teacher
  • Included in the Party-Team



ShowJazz, Girly Jazz (2019)

  • Educated by the aesthetic program(dance focus) on Nicolaiskolan (Helsingborg),  Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance (München, Tyskland)
  • Collaborated in diffrent prudictions like The Forth Element (dance), Gisslandramat (dance), Hotell Transylvanien (dance/song)
  • Season-dancer on a resort in Spain
  • Assigned dance-scholarship by Klippan Kommun
  • Taken classes for Yanis Marshall, Johannes Langolf, Enric Marimon, Marty Kudelka.


Ballet (2017-2019)

  • Bachelor's degree in ballet-Pedagogy by AMTII
  • Worked professionally as dance teacher on National Academy (Bulgaria) & C.I.D (Italy).
  • Have had many big assignments on, among other, Sofia National Opera & Ballet, European Ballet UK & Bourgas State Opera.
  • Collaborated in many repertoire like Swanlake, Sleeping Beauty, Aida, Giselle, Coppelia and Cinerella.
  • Collaborated on tours in UK, Quatar & Italy.


Cheerleading, KalasTeamet (2019)

  • Ellen started dancing with us on Style when she was just 8 years old
  • Has previously been a member of Fanatic Fusion Jazz Crew for many years
  • Stor erfarenhet av show, tävling och bred som dansare
  • Trainee in kidsdance ht18 & vt19 where Ellen held parts of the lessons together with Sandra




Hiphop/Street, ShowJazz (2017-2019)

  • Educated in dance on Santa Monica College (Los Angeles, USA) where she also was touring with a dance company and took classes for Miss Angie (SYTYCD USA).
  • Worked for Be Sporty AB & Kulturama Preparandum.
  • Taken calsses on Millenium Dance Complex (LA, USA)
  • Danced for many big choreographers around the world ex. Tango in Buenos Aires, Salsa in Rio de Janeiro & folkdance on Bali & Sri Lanka.
  • Taken classes on many big danceschools in London, Paris, and now the latest is Amsterdam!
  • Included in the Party-Team as well as Weddingdance.


Danslek (2016-2019)

  • Started as hard-working student with us on Style as early as 2011
  • Has a lot of stage experience and is very wide as a dancer that is a former member of Fanatic Fusion Dance Crew
  • Taken classes in Paris & Provence in modern and improvised dance
  • Trainee in kidsdance and has many semesters of knowlage in child education
  • Trainee in ballet for Sarah Wiese HT17 & VT18
  • Included in the Party-Team & bridal/bachelor party
  • Have been singing & compeated in a choir in 10 years


Contemporary Jazz & Fanatic Fusion ShowJazz Crew (2016-2019)

  • Educated on  Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in München 2016.
  • As an eight-year-old she started with drill and the intrest for dance grew fast!
  • Tagit klasser av Marty Kudelka, Yanis Marshall, Lil Phil & Hannes Langolf.
  • Collaborated in big productions in München like ex. Das Bachanal & The Fourth Element.
  • Helsingborg Vintercircus 2019
  • Dancer in Cabaret Candy Club 2012, 2016 & 2018.
  • Collaborated in Gisslandramat in Konserthuset in Helsingborg 2013
  • Backupdancer & choreograph for Idol-Rebecka the summer of 2017 & 2018.
  • Isabelle is responsiblefor many bridals, wedding dances & external workshops at Style.
  • Headleader for Fanatic Fusion ShowJazz Crew.



Zumba® Fitness (2019)

  • New teacher!
  • Been dancing Zumba since 2016
  • Licensed instructor: Zumba® Basic 1 (2018)
  • Athletic trainer for 3 years and active in 11 years. Football, swimming and dance.




BarnBalett, Ballet (2019)

  • Educated in ballet under 6 years in Italy with Daniela Greppi
  • Choreographed and collaborated in diffrent art exhibitions in Sweden
  • Choreographer for the musical Spring Awakening, Helsingborg





Street Kids (2019)

  • Member of Fanatic Fusion Hiphop Crew
  • A diligent dancer in differnent styles of streetdance, K-pop, girly and streetjazz





Breakdance, Hiphop/Trap (2019)

  • Started teaching dance already 2003 on Crazy Feet in Lund
  • Extra in adds and musicvideos
  • Educated training instructor for Friskis och Svettis
  • Has a great passion for movement and bodycontroll





Ballet, Contemporary Jazz, Jumps & Turns (2019)

  • Royal Winnipeg Ballet School’s Aspirant, Springboard Danse Montréal, Netherlands Dance Theatre Summer.
  • Performed for Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s performances; Moulin Rouge, Twyla Tharp’s the Princess and the Goblin, The Nutcracker.
  • Former choreographer & artistic coordinator for RWB School
  • Coordinator for Queer(ing) Memory Into Space, Malmö 2018
  • Coordinator for the competition First Steps


Pyttedans, Danslek, Show Kids, Contemporary Jazz (2019)

  • Tova is a former dance student with us at Style
  • Participated in our dance-crew Dance Fusion where she has taken part of dance shows and competitions for many years
  • Is currently a student at Lunds Dans & Musikal





Flamenco (2014-2019)

  • Over 20 years of experiance in Flamenco
  • Been student in one of the most well known Flamenco-schools in Jerez Escuela de baile Chiqui de Jerez.
  • Also sings flamenco in her courses
  • Also teaches World Music Dance for high school students.
  • Is part of her own flamenco crew, Mengue Flamenco



Fanatic Fusion Hiphop Crew, Hiphop/Girly, Hiphop/StreetJazz, K-Pop (2016-2019)

  • Educated on Broadway Dance Center New York.
  • Taken classes in Korea at 1 Million Dance Studio, Souldance. Taken classes for Jill Meyers, Kyle Hanagami, Keone Madrid, Chris Martin.
  • Koreograf/dansare i The Unnie Vibe, vunnit 1:a pris i tre K-pop tävlingar under 2018 i Sverige/Norden. Hennes crew representerade även Sverige i tävlingen Stage K i Korea 2019.
  • Danced in Derek Mitchells flashmob in NY, Julgalan Malmö, SVTs Eurovision Village, Videodisplay for Reebok Paris


  • Sandra Christensson Fomer student on Style
  • AS WELL AS ANNUAL TEACHERS: Anna Furebring, Ellen Andersson, Emma Augustsson, Hanna Bergman, Linda Hansson,  Sandra Olsson, Tova Berggren


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