Style Dance Studio was started 2006
as a concept at SV Lundabygden

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan is one of
the largest studieförbunds in Sweden
with the mission to create meaningful leisure
and to make sure that everyone can partake in learning something new
and create by joining a study circle

During our regular term, we offer courses
by semesters. One semester is 12 weeks.
Most of our dance styles are open level classes,
ex. easy/beginner unless otherwise stated.

We also create events, workshops,
dance shows & privates.
The dance school conducts classes in our own two big dance studios
at Gastelyckan in Lund since 2010.

WELCOME to Style Dance Studio!


Educational & professional dance classes
Best rating for kids dance in Skåne
Dance styles from beginners to advanced levels



Free Parking
Close to bus connections



Create your event with us!
Bachelor/Bachelorette, Wedding Dance, Birthday,
Dance shows, Workshops & Master classes

We love dance collaborations!

Below you can see a few examples of our past bookings!

Marty Kudelka

Master Class

Justin Timberlake's main choreographer & dancer, known for Super Bowl, the movie Trolls & a teacher at Millenium Dance Complex in LA

Robert Hoffman

Master Class

Known for Step Up 2 The Streets, She's the Man, and You Got Served

Jasmine Takacs

Master Class

Famous dancer & choreographer for Lets Dance, James Bond, Mamma Mia

Little Phil

Master Class

Famous dancer/choreographer for Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys

High Five

High Five


Opening act for Marcus & Martinus, Samir & Viktor, Pidde P, Felicia Kuré & Theoz

STYLE DANCE STUDIO Porfyrvägen 5, Lund
070-934 83 04

Style Dance Studio is a concept at Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan

SV Lundabygden 046-211 70 80 Glimmervägen 6 Lund