New semester! We welcome both our new & old dancers with your new registration!


  1. CALLING/INVOICE will be recieved after the 1st week (if you don´t choose to cancel your registration), even if Vuxenskolan webpage says otherwise (Style Dance Studio dont´send invoice before start since this means you are bound to pay).
  2. REGISTER for the class you wih to have a spot on (click on the class below)
  3. OPEN HOUSE in week 41 on october 5-11, 2020 info here
  4. CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION in the recedption if you DON´T wish to continue the class for the rest of the semester. Your registration is binding until you make a cancellation INFO/TERMS OF CONDITION

FALL 2020

  • Start october 5-11 (week 41)
  • Breaks no breaks
  • Canceled class = We try to offer a sub teacher, if not, we will continue our course until you have had your 12 weeks. Ask your teacher in class if you are uncertain of the amount of classes there is left ot the semester.
  • Första & sista veckan på varje danskurs har vi normalt öppna dörrar för publik, detta gäller tyvärr inte under pandemin, hösten 2020.