We follow the Folkhälsomyndigheten recommendations to create a safe environment both for you and us with less students and 10-15 minutes break between every class.

We are currently waiting for the amount of people approved in each class due to the restrictions, therefore your class could be "FULLY BOOKED". Register for your class anyway, and you will end up on our waiting list for te fall, and we will let you in if we can depending on the restrictions.

Our teachers has the full right to escort the person out, who does not follow the rules during pandemic. We hope that we can help each other out to kickstart a new semester.

/Sandra Olsson, operations manager at Style Dance Studio


  1. READ OUR INFO/TERMS before you register
  2. READ OUR RULES DURING PANDEMIC before you register
  3. REGISTER to your class
  4. OPEN HOUSE 20-26 september week (38) 2021 info
  5. CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION at the reception desk after you have tried the class if you DON´T wish to continue
  6. INVOICE/CALLING will be sent in week 2 of 10 Vuxenskolan form will tell you that we send you the calling before start but we don´t do this at Style
  7. At this moment we do not offer any discount, instead we chose not to increase our regular fee


(röd kurs=fullbokad/anmälan stängd)


(röd kurs=fullbokad/anmälan stängd)


(röd kurs=fullbokad/anmälan stängd)


(röd kurs = fullbokad/anmälan stängd)