We gild your special day to something very special

Professional danceteachers, choreography, max 30 people

  • Danceclass of 45 min, 115 kr/person
  • Minimum charge 10 people, then 100 kr/person
  • Danceclass of 90 min 145 kr/person
  • Minimum charge 10 people, then 100 kr/person
  • Optional
  • Professional groupphoto 50:-
  • Musicvideo 350:-
  • Long change/shower of +30 min 350:-


Book private classes for you and your partner!

The wedding dance will probably be one of the high peaks of Your wedding. To dance, practice & above all laugh together before the wedding is something that can bring you closer and create a good memory together! Highly appreciated on the wedding & de-stressing for the couple!

Name the song + artist that you will dance to in your booking.

Price per couple:

  • 1 class of 45 min/90 min, 500/650 kr
  • 3x 45 min/90 min, 1390/ 1840 kr
  • 6x 45/90 min, 2790/3690 kr
  • 10x 45/90 min, 4490/5990 kr


  • Send a booking request to sandra.olsson@sv.se
  • State type of booking, desired date, hour and length of your booking. Leave your contact details
  • Frist we contact you back, then you confirm your booking.
  • Your booking is binding after your confirmation by email.
  • I WANT TO CANCEL You have the right to cancel your registration by contacting us within 14 days after registration
  • I WANT TO CANCEL at least 7 days beforet class starts for free
  • I WANT TO CANCEL 1-7 days before start, pay 50% of the booking
  • I WANT TO CANCEL the same day as class starts, 100% fee
  • I WANT TO CANCEL during/after clas starts, 100% fee