• Symptoms? Stay at home!
  • Bring your own waterbottle
  • Change at home
  • Make toilet visit at home (if possible)
  • Keep distance
  • Family/friens waits outside the studio (outdoors, keep the distance)
  • Bring as less things you can
  • Small children leaves their jacket with their parent (who stands ready to hang it on the child after class, hat in pockets etc)


  • Your teacher will let you in at the parking lot outside the studio (outdoors), BE ON TIME
  • All teens/adults walk in 4 people at the time in the 1st entrance
  • Take off outdoor shoes
  • Take hand alcohol in the entrance
  • Teacher will take your attendence
  • Go straight to the dancestudio with all belongings
  • Late? Sneak in & make sure your teacher takes your attendence
  • We pick up/leave all students in the entrance
  • Younger kids 4-8 years, parent CAN follow us inside in case of extreme need, your teacher will approve if this is needed at the entrance, talk to us! To create a safe environment or Your child is important to us
  • Reception has a window out to the entrance & will be staffed by Sandra the whole week, and will answer all questions from parents. Drive-thru-feeling! Note that window is closed while Sandra teach class


  • Teacher will exit with all dancers
  • BE ON TIME to pick up your child, our teachers must go back inside & teach next class and can not wait with your child in the entrance

We plan a semester just as usual and follow the Folkhälsomyndigheten recomendations. At the moment, the studio is closed due to pandemic & we don´t take visitors.

Our hope regarding the spring is to be able to start a new semester as planned, but that we and you, must have in mind that we might have to postphone the semester.

We take less students per class, both kids & adults. We have 10-15 minutes break inbetween every single class at the studio. Our rules during pandemic must be followed. Our teachers has the full right to escort the person out, who does not follow the rules of pandemic.

We hope that you kan feel safe with us at Style Dance Studio, and that we can help eachother out, to kickstart a new semester for us all.

/Sandra Olsson, operations manager at Style Dance Studio