• CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION in the reception immediately after your 1st class or email & wait for a confirmation
  • LAST DATE FOR A FREE CANCELLATION is the day after the 1st date of the course, after which you have accepted to waive your right of withdrawal & become liable for payment for the course.
  • INVOICE Are sent by email from SV Lundabygden. Du might recieve invoicec by different occasions. Check your trash bin & marc us as a safe sender. Pay your invoice after you have tried your danceclass during the 1st week. Unpaid invoice becomes a reminder invoice. If still not paid it will be sent further to Inkasso.


  • Style Dance Studio, Porfyrvägen 5, Lund
  • Bus no 5 towards Gastelyckan, bus stop Skiffervägen
  • Bus stop Gastelyckan Östra (5 min walk)
  • Bus stop Jupitergatan (10 min walk)
  • Free parking


  • Studio open/closes 15 min before/after first/last class every day
  • Sick leave Text "Sick+dancers name+dance class" to 070-934 83 04
  • You are insured to/from/during the dance class if you have a home insurance
  • No outdoor shoes inside! Also applies to washed shoes that has been used outdoors
  • Only water is allowed in the dance studios
  • Children 2-8 do not need a water bottle
  • Small children must visit the toilet before class, preferably at home


  • FALL 2023
  • Start 28 august-3 september (w.35)
  • Breaks no breaks for the fallsemester of 2023!
  • Danceshow 25-26 november 2023
  • Cancelled class = We try to replace with a subteacher, if not, we just cancel that class and continue dancing until 12weeks are done. We always text you if your class is canceled.
  • EASTER 2024 We are closed in week 13 (closed mondag-sunday 15-31 march 2024)
  • Vi dansar igen på måndag den 1 april (annandag påsk, röd dag).
  • SUMMER 2024
  • Start info kommer snart!
  • Cancelled class = We will try our best to have a substitute teacher, otherwise the class will continue until all the courses are completed the subsequent weeks. Ask your dance teacher if you are unsure when your last dance course is. We will always message if a class is cancelled.
  • INFO Click here!


  • Open House = week 1 of 12 every semester
  • To dance for a semester you need to REGISTER for every specific classA specific class could get cancelled by to few registrations 1 week before start.
  • REMEMBER TO CANCEL at reception after the trial class if you DO NOT wish to continue and pay for the whole course. If you wish to continue, just keep coming!
  • Video, photo & sound recordings will take place during Open House for promotion of the dance studio on social media & web. Let us know if you do not wish to be photographed. If you would like to remain anonymous, please let us know at registration.
  • DANCE WITHOUT REGISTRATION if you just wish to dance with us during 1st week, but don´t want a spot for the whole semester. Just show up and dance your heart out!
  • Open House has open doors for audience


  • For us at Vuxenskolan, it has always been important that your personal data is handled in a safe and secure manner. The protection of your personal integrity has been strengthened following the GDPR law.
  • We have an updated integrity policy that describes how and why we process your data

Porfyrvägen 5, Lund
070-934 83 04