• Email & wait for a confirmation or cancel your registration in the reception directly after the class during the 1st week)
  • Last date for a free cancellation is the day after the 1st date of the class, after that you have accepted the rules of cancellation
  • The invoice will be sent to you & is binding to pay (binding registration)
  • I REGRET MY REGISTRATION BEFORE COURSESTART You have the right to cancel your registration by contacting us within 14 days after registration
  • I WANT TO CHANGE CLASS/LEVEL Change class/level in the reception after 1st class or contact us the day after. Your teacher can not change class for you.
  • BY ILLNESS WITH MEDICAL CERTIFICATE You can ask to be paid back (not valid for studymaterial)
  • I FORGOT TO PAY Pay as soon as possible. Invoice with additional fee will be sent to you. If not paid, the service will be handled by Inkasso
  • I MISSED A CLASS No refunds, we can not accept students to other classes than the class you are registered for


  • Open House = week 1 of 12 every semester
  • To dance on the Open House you need t REGISTER for the class, to let us know that you wish to try it. With to few registrations we will cancel the class.
  • Only register to the class you really wish to go to, since we have small maximum amount on students/class.
  • Don´t forget to CANCEL your registration in the reception after tried class by our cancellation rules, if you don´t wish to continue. If you wish to continue, just keep showing up!
  • If you choose to continue dancing after the 1st week (Open House), you have accepted that your registration is binding & is bound to pay the invoice with full fee for the semester, sent to you by email.
  • Open House has open doors for audience (not valid during pendamic VT21)
  • Video, photo & sound-recording will happen during the Open House for promotino of the studio in social media & webpage. Let us know if you don´t wish to be recorded. If you have secret identity you should always contact us ahead regarding your registration


  • Always state email of parent to people under 18 years
  • Sent by email the week after semester starts from SV Lundabygden, you can get invoice by different occasions. Check trashbin and mark us as a safe sender
  • At Vuxenskolan danceclasses (Style Dance Studio) you won´t get the calling/invoice before start since the registration then will be binding
  • Unpaid invoice becomes a reminder & is handled by Inkasso


  • NO OUTDOOR SHOES INDOORS! Including washed shoes used outdoors.
  • STUDIO OPENS 15 minuter before 1st class of the day, closes 15 minutes after last classs of the day
  • YOU ARE INSURED to/from/during the danceclass if you have a home insurance
  • SICK LEAVE +46 709 34 83 04 at 15:00 the same dag (at the latest). State the name of the dancer and class.
  • Please don´t play with the balletbarre and don´t lean on the mirrorsThe barre is there to give support and our mirrors are sensitive
  • Arrive prepared and with the right outfit & shoes for your style, the right attitude, ambition & energy
  • No food, bevereges, gum in the dancerooms, only waterbottles
  • Children 2-8 does not need a waterbottle
  • Students are not aloud to leave the dancestudio without permission from the teacher


  • Porfyrvägen 5, Lund
  • Citybus 5 towards Gastelyckan, bus stop Skiffervägen
  • Bus stop Gastelyckan Östra (5 min walk)
  • Bus stop Jupitergatan (10 min walk)
  • Free P


  • For us at Vuxenskolan it has always been a priority to handle your personal data in a safe way.
  • We have a strong and updated policy of integrity that describes why and how we treat your data.
  • We send you forward to the registration form at Vuxenskolan webpage instead of having a non-safe form here at Style Dance Studio webpage.