• CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION in the reception immediately after your 1st class or email & wait for a confirmation
  • LAST DATE FOR A FREE CANCELLATION is the day after your class 1st date, after that you have accepted your right of regret & will have to pay for the full course
  • INVOICE will be sent to your email from SV Lundabygden. You might not get all your invoices on the same date. Check your trashbin & mark us as a safe sender. Pay your invoice after you have tried the class during Open House-week. Unpaid invoice will become an reminder invoice and later sent to Inkasso


  • Style Dance Studio, Porfyrvägen 5, Lund
  • Citybus 5 towards Gastelyckan, bus stop Skiffervägen
  • Bus stop Gastelyckan Östra (5 min walk)
  • Bus stop Jupitergatan (10 min walk)
  • Free P


  • Studio open/closes 15 min before/after first/last class every day
  • Sickleave Text "Sjuk+dancers name+danceclass" to 070-934 83 04
  • You are insured to/from/during the danceclass if you have a home insurance
  • No outdoor shoes inside! Also applies to washed shoes that has been used outdoors
  • Only waterbottles allowed in the dancestudios
  • Children 2-8 does not need a waterbottle
  • Small children must visit the toilet before class, preferably at home


  • SOMMAR 2022
  • Start 30 maj 2022
  • Canceled class = Vi kan oftast erbjuda vikarie, om inte så fortsätter vi tills kursen haft samtliga veckor. Fråga din danslärare om du är osäker på när din sista danslektion är. Vi skickar alltid sms till elev/målsman vid inställt kursdag
  • Arrangör föreningen Fanatic Fusion Vi Unga
  • FALL 2022
  • Start 29 august – 4 september (w.35)
  • Breaks 31 october – 6 november (w.44) closed for fall break
  • Canceled class = We can offer a subteacher in most cases, if not the class will continue until the course has had it´s 10 weeks. Ask your teacher if you are uncertain of how many classes you have left. On a canceled day we always send you/parent a text.


  • Open House = week 1 of 12 every semester
  • To be allowed in your class you need to register for itfor us to know that you want to try the class. By to few registrations we take the right to cancel the class. Only register to the class you wish to attend to since we have a limited dancers/class
  • REMEMBER TO CANCEL in the reception after tried class if you dpn´t wish to continue and pay for the whole course. If you wish to continue, just keep coming!
  • Video, photo & sound recordings will take place during Open House for pomotion of the dancestudio in social media & web. Let us know if you don´t wish to be seen. If you have a secret identity you should make us aware of this in your registration
  • Open House has open doors for audience


  • För oss på Vuxenskolan har det alltid varit viktigt att dina personuppgifter hanteras på ett tryggt och säkert sätt. Skyddet för din personliga integritet har förstärkts efter GDPR-lagen
  • Vi har en uppdaterad integritetspolicy som beskriver hur och varför vi behandlar dina uppgifter