• In case you're sick Text 070-934 83 04 (latest 13:00). State dancers' name and dance course
  • Must I register every term? Yes
  • Can I dance even though I am older? Yes
  • Can I dance even though I am a beginner? Yes
  • Can I dance with a disability? Yes, but we recomend an assistant if needed, so the teahcer can teach the group
  • Can I watch vecka 1 av 10 har vi Öppet Hus med öppna dörrar för åskådare. Resten av terminen är dörrarna stängda.
  • I missed a class! No refunds unfortunately. You can only attend the classes that you are registered in. Try to make as many classes in the term but we understand why sometimes you need to miss a class.

Porfyrvägen 5, Lund
070-934 83 04