Pyttedans, Show Kids, Street Kids, Bröllopsdans, Dans för Demens, Möhippa/Svensexa, konstnärlig ledare för Fanatic Fusion Vi Unga (2006-2021)

TAKEN CLASS FOR Marty Kudelka, Yanis Marshall, Robert Hoffman, Jasmine Takacs, Edin Jusuframic, Mario Perez Amigo, Ausben Jordan, Bryce Johnson, David Johnson, Steve Boedt, Timothy Hughes, Otto Blücker, Carola Gillheim, Spex Boogie, Xeo

TRAINING Danslärarakademien, Skånes Dansteater, Zumba® Certificate

DANCER/CHOREOGRAPHER Rebecka Karlsson, Felicia Kuré, Pari, FAS 3, Cielle, Lazee, Nellie. Dansat på High Five Malmö, Heyou Awards, Heyou Festival, Eskilscupen, Festival Sommarslaget, Kul i Juli, Allsång i Parken, Dance Session, UEFA U21

Dance 2nd price in Stjärnjakten competition Artist/Singer Lunds Lucia, Kvällspostens Lucia, Joyvoice. Actor/Extra/Modell 10.000 timmar, Dilan & Moa, Wallander, Tunna Blå Linjen, Lost in Stångby, Cargobike of Sweden, AF Bostäder, Axis Communications


Balett, Contemporary Jazz, Jumps & Turns, Musical Theatre Jazz (2021)

Alaine Handa has a bachelor degree from her education at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles).

After her education she moved to New York City to work as a dancer, artist, choreographer and danceteacher, and she did this for 7 years. During the time in NY she performed for different choreographers, dance companies and also started her own dance company called A.H. Dance Company that performed in different festivals in Washington DC, Toronto, Edinburgh & New York City

She has also thought dance in Los Angeles, Singapore, Guangzhou, Switzerland & Malta and is now looking forward to teach in Sweden and encourage our students to love the dance just as much as she does!

Alaine is currently learning Swedish so her classes will be taught in English, with a blend of lätt svenska, and Swenglish!


Hiphop/Street (2021)

Elza started with ballroom-dancing and after that she developed a love for hiphop/street and, showdance. She has danced in different studios in Lettland and tried a huge variety of styles

She has been part of different shows and events in Lettland, and even ompetet in Latvia and Lithuania.

Elza has also been part of a musicvideo

Taken masterclasses with Jaja Vankova, Junho Lee, Michelle Janine & Baiba Klints

She has taken classes at Millenium Dance Complex Shanghai during 2018, and at the same time she danced in her own crew and did work as an apprentice i dance during 2019


ShowJazz (2019-2021)

Ellen began to dance at Style at the age of 8

She has been part of Fanatic Fusion Jazz Crew during many years, were she developed and created a broad experience of show, competitions and dancestyles.

Apprentice in kids dance during fall 18 & spring 19 were Ellen held part of the classes with guidance of Sandra

2020 Ellen took an introduction class in kids dance & pedagogic with us at Style Dance Studio, and today she teaher our younger teens in ShowJazz and has earlier also taught Show Kids & Cheerleading


Danslek (2015-2021)

Started as a diligant student at Style Dance Studio already at 2011, and began to teach dance at our birthdayparties were she quickly grew in to her roll as a teacher and noticed that she was made to teach kids

Hanna then became an apprentice and has after that a lot of knowledge and experience in teaching dance for younger kids . Hanna is extremely pedagogic & well with our children. Trainee in ballet for Sarah Wiese in fall17 & spring 18. In 2020 Hanna took an introduction class in kids dance & pedagogic at Style Dance Studio

She has a lot of stage experience and is broad as a dancer, and as a member of Fanatic Fusion & Crew Illusion

Taken classes in Paris & Provence in modern and improvisational dance

Taken classes in both hiphop and contemporary with Robert Hoffman

Sang & competed in choir for 10 years


BarnBalett, Contemporary Jazz (2020-2021)

Started as a student at Style Dance Studio and has trained intensively at all style classes, in our dancecrew, and in a big amount of productions and shows

Is training her own crew Illusion through Fanatic Fusion

Taken classes for Robert Hoffman, Marty Kudelka and Jasmine Takacs

Competed in a variety of different competitions and even won the Danskarusellen Skåne/Blekinge

Is a former icescater/teacher

2020 Ida passed a introduction education in kids dance and pedagogic with us at Style


Contemporary Jazz & Fanatic Fusion ShowJazz Crew (2016-2021)

Educated on Iwanson Internationan School of Contemporary Dance in Munich 2016. Has been part of many productions in Munich such as Das Bachanal & The Fourth Element

Taken classes with Marty Kudelka, Yanis Marshall, Rober Hoffman, Jasmine Takacs, Lil Phil & Hannes Langolf

Was part of an openingdance in Melodifestivalen in Malmö 2020. Dacer in Cabaret Candy Club 2012, 2016, 2018, 2019 and Helsingborg Vintercirkus 2019. Part of Gisslandramat at Koncerthuset in Helsingborg 2013.

Dancer and co-choreographer for Idol-Rebecka 2017-2018, and Felicia Kuré 2019-2020.

Huvudledare för Crew Fanatic


Heels Jazz & ShowJazz (2020-2021)

Education from Iwanson International School of Contemporary dacne 2013-2016. Löftadalensfolkhögskola 2011-2013, Christians 4:s Gymnasium 2008-2011

Started dancing at the age of 9 and fell in love with dance immediately

TAken classes with Robert Hoffman, Yanis Marshall, Kenneth Kvarnström & Hannes Langolf

Danced in a musicvideo with Pidde P

Been part of a lot of shows in Munich and in Sweden, for example a new producion called Fader Vår - En bön för dansare at Varbergs Teater

Educated as a yogainstructor, and also instructor in FortGjort



Zumba® Fitness, Zumba® Toning (2019-2021)

Danced Zumba since 2016

Licensed instructor: Zumba® Basic 1 (2018)

Zumba® Cue Like a Pro (2020)

Licensed instructor: Zumba® Toning (2020)

Zumba® Virtual Pro 2020

Kajsa is also athletics coach and has been active in over 12 years in fotball, swimming & dancing

Zumba® Certificate


Balett (2020-2021)

After she graduated Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem, Dans academie (The Netherlands) 2001, she started her professional career as a dancer in Norrdans (SE)

She joined Skånes dans teater (SE) in 2005. Since 2009 she works as a freelance dance

She worked for Recoil Dance Group/Tina Tarpgaard (DK), Skånes Dansteater (SE), Zappala Danza (IT), Khamlane Halsackda (SE/UK), Somatic Noise (SE/DK), Camilla Stage (DK), Memory Wax (SE) and more

She joined Nya Rörelsen in 2013 and produces dance performances. She also goes to Japan regularly and work with dance students in Tokyo and create performances for them

She is a founder of RUM I DANS, dance school in Malmö

2020 she put up her own show: ”Death and Life of Mr.O” i både Lund & Malmö


Fanatic Fusion Hiphop Crew & K-Pop (2016-2021)

Educated in Broadway Dacne Center in New York

Taken classes in Korea at 1 Million Dance Studio, Souldance. Taken class with Jill Meyers, Kyle Hanagami, Keone Madrid, Chris Martin

Choreographer/teacher for The Unnie Vibe, who wo 1st price in three K-Pop competitions during 2018 in Sweden/Nordic. Her crew represented Sweden in the competition Stage K in Korea in 2019

Danced in Derek Mitchells flashmob in NY, Julgalan Malmö, SVTs Eurovision Village, Videodisplay for Reebok Paris


Apprentice in kidsdance (2021)

Cleo has been an active student for many years and is on of the members in Fanatic Fusion and Crew Fanatic. She has stage experience and has done some work as an extra/actor ofr Skånes Djurpark, IKEA and she also danced for Felicia Kuré at the event High Five 2019

During 2021 Cleo will be an apprentice at the studio and you might meet here at Show Kids!



As a child, Linnea danced showdance and then began practicing gymnastics. She went to troupe gymnastics and aerobics gymnastics were she even competed in SM!

In gymnastics Linnea educated herself as a kids gymnastics leader and has had a couple of years experience already. Shbecame an apprentice in Pyttedans during fall 2020 with Sandra, to have her own class now in 2021!

Linnea has danced at Style for a while now, and is also a member of Fanatic Fusion and Crew Illusion since fall 2016 were she does shoes, competitions both as a group and a soloartist.



Educated in Centre de Danse International Rosella Hightower in Cannes 1992-1995

After finishing his studies 1995 he worked with dance in Germany, Russia, Finland, France & Italy

2001 Pietro got hired at Norrdans in Sweden and then continued to work with Skånes Dansteater wich made him considder Sweden as hos home

Some choreographers that Pietro has worked with is Stephen Petronio, Rui Horta, Itzik Galili, Didy Veldman, Örjan Andersson, Uri Ivge & Angelin Preljocaj


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